A DIY “Welcome” Sign

DIY Welcome Sign

Yesterday I made a quick little welcome sign to hang right next to our front door.  I had all the materials on hand so this little project cost nothing to make which was a bonus!

All you need for the project is a piece of wood, ribbon (to hang),spraypaint,  pencil and sharpie.  I also used my printer to print out the “Welcome” font and decoration size I wanted.

Before Pic

The front was basically a sticker which was coming off anyway so I took it off.  I then spray painted the front and sides.

DIY Sign 2

I chose to sand the front and sides to give a littler more weathered look.  I then got on the computer and found a font I liked and the size I needed for my sign.

photo 5 (1)
Coloring in the letters on the back side so the led will transfer to the wood when I push down by tracing the letters right side up

I traced the back and colored in the font with pencil.  I then flipped the paper and put it on the piece of wood to transfer the pencil markings on the wood.  I did this by coloring in the letters on the front.  This pushed the led  so I could color it in with a thin sharpie pen like this:

photo 2 (2) photo 3 (3)

I found a design I liked and did the same thing to transfer it on the wood.  Once I had my pencil marks traced on, I colored it all in with a sharpie and then hung the final product!

Welcome Sign

Before and After Pics:

Before Pic
DIY Welcome Sign

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